About Me

Portrait: Kitty R. Kono I am too old to remember when I got my first camera, but I do remember buying an old used Leica when I was still single and had a lot of time on my hands. I set up a little dark room in the basement of my tiny house in Center City, Philadelphia and had the time of my life taking pictures and processing them. I retired in August 2007 after 32 years working for the greatest standards organization in the world called ASTM International. For my birthday that year, my husband bought me a new Nikon D80 digital camera. I have had more fun every day since then taking photographs and learning what a wonderful hobby this is.

I am outside every single day taking photos of birds, stray cats, bugs, flowers, and landscapes. Hopefully I can fill the galleries within this website with new, interesting photographs as I learn and grow to be a better photographer.